Actualizing virtual-space-first visions ...

In the meantime – till we can present you with more contents – and to stay in touch with the goingons behind the scene of the founder view our digital log.


  • iAtelier | coding a minimum functional product and serving the basic website on the CMS.

  • 🚨 (#delegation) adding more individuals as partners/collaborators/contributors on existing visions and projects.
  • Penumbra | updating the website to iAtelier (sails.js powered edition) and revising front-end design and fixing obvious mistakes.
  • (#financing) developing methods for donation, community participation and ...
  • (#identity, #misc) developing a tagline to replace the placeholder, "Actualizing virtual-space-first visions ..."
  • (#misc) updating the website architecture & filling it with contents from previous iterations (i.e. Galactic Visions & Lost Ideas Lab)


Penumbra | Reviving the visions & its three core projects

Pirates' Atelier | Reviving the vision + publishing iAtelier as a stand-alone project (hope it generates some collaborator leads + income!)

Website | Providing a minimum viable representation of ongoing visions, initiatives, projects & ...

Dropout | reviving/evolution in order to execute a tiny Covid-19 based project ...

Lost Lang | reviving/evolution with Serbian language first ...

Change Log

  • May 6, 2020 | published a minimum functional website on iAtelier (sails.js powered edition).

Staging Evolution

Background | Mid semester 2019 due to mental health complications, all my activities entered "pause" modus, as a result Galactic Visions – the placeholder for the parent organization behind all other organizations, initiatives and projects was abandoned.

Main Challenges | were choices regarding whether and how to discontinue or revive Galactic Visions.

Core Resolutions | After a period of not working on Galactic Visions reduced my recovery, I began looking for ways to salvage bits and parts of Galactic Visions. Vitualizer is a new identity middle way of "Lost Ideas Lab" and "Galactic Visions", perhaps also manifestation side-effects of some degree of recovering from previous mental health challenges, or to be more precise, a "bipolar" pattern of living. Another fundamental diversion from previous iterations is that all projects & visions to be executed at Vitualizer are required to be financially self-sustaining and growth sustaining by default. This is not to say that we won't rely on external sources of financing or donations (regarding non-profit offerings) but that unlike past, the hope for figuring out how to make something profitable down the way, or teaming up with a co-founder who is talented in doing so has been replaced by a profitability motive becoming intrinsic to our undertakings [of course, in the end it is the society and in a more abstract scene the ... that decide the fate of financial profitability and future growth of an organization and further development of its products and offerings.]

What's next for you?

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Small & Medium Donations

Whether one's destiny can be read in the constellation of stars or should be earned by one's labor, our in-born qualities, our life stories, our education, and the choices we have made, does shape where we are standing today and where we could be heading in the future.

While founding a startup isn't anything extra-ordinary in and of itself, being part of the founding team of a start-up isn't something that most people would enjoy; However, most people would enjoy considering themselves as having been one of those individuals in one way or the other.

Though our visions have a pillar of virtual-realm in their core, we are not here to promote daydreaming yourself as an entrepreneur.

What this website is meant to do is offering a glimpse as if you were standing in the headquarters of the parent organization behind all our visions, their respective company, and projects.

Every company starts with a considerable sunk cash and as I'm not sitting on a pile of accumulated wealth, nor was born into a society with strong social mobility feats based on merits and risk-taking aspirations;

So, if any of our visions or a project within that vision speaks to your intellect/heart, as in the time being we are not selling any product, your financial contribution would enable us to go around and look for funding, finding collaborators or co-founders, developing a minimum viable product for smaller projects, etc.

We will not be able to keep track of every small donation, but we'll try to post a list of contributions more than 50$ in the respective vision/project on a monthly or yearly basis – depending on the frequency & amount.

Staged Early-Investing

We are actively looking for angel investors and venture capitalists who do not get cold feet from founders with unconventional background stories.

But there are plenty of visions and projects which need to be funded and the prospects of stumbling upon such an outsider are gloomy, you're welcomed to take a staged approach to invest in a vision/company:

  • send us a short motivation letter with resume (or something equivalent)
  • suggest something we can offer to you
  • ask us for a more detailed description of roadmaps for projects and initiatives.


Successful entrepreneurship, as we understood it, relies heavily on reiterating – or perhaps even redefining themselves and their products – especially during the early stages. While to outsiders it is either hard-work or luck that seems the reason for the success or failure of an idea, in real life, without a lively flow of feedbacks from users, mentors,Β and perhaps maybe even investors, growing an idea from seed to a tree is an endeavor in vanity.

So, as we are pulling the curtains aside, and providing you the opportunity to be amazed by our visions, we expect your commitment to the path before us. Feedbacks are perhaps the smallest manifestation of one's commitment. Hence, we would really appreciate your comments and reviews, even though it might take a while for us to understand its value and reflect it in our future developments ...

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